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    Aluminum Bars - Al alloy 1050H24H44, Al(min) 10%, 358 Series Mesh Fence) - CIF Belgium/Egypt

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  • Краткое описание: kitlaser offers many types of laser pens for your choice, a pen body light and portable, there are domineering, a variety of models, you can according to their own degree of love to buy a part of your own laser pens.
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    Winter, the green laser, requires preheating time, in order to achieve the best brightness, we suggest that it can be placed in a pocket, is hot and humid, the battery, light duration, and no more than a minute! Laser LD module excessive aging to prevent laser beam mail order or overheat damage!

    Laser pointer: more. Because it is used to represent characters, intuitive eyes see light (especially green laser), laser pen, blue laser pointer, laser sword portable safety refers to the bright beam starring strong stray light interference, as long as the pointing in the direction of a fixed, is increasingly being used in the classroom/astronomy. Laser lover/astronomy enthusiast, a large number of outdoor love preferred equipment. It can be a high-end gift for friends and family.

    This is a true laser designator a 5 w green laser designator (green), even if you see in the world generally retail market, is also very rare, actual output more than 5000 milliwatts. Although it depends on the individual, it has reached 3.2 to 3.4 W. Because it's hard to deal with heat with a small pointer, the body is slightly larger, but when the temperature is about 23 degrees, you can keep the steady output for about three minutes.

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    1 Kitlaser
    США.htmlСША Нью-Йорк Welcome to KitLaser laser pointer professional marketing online shop.
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    1 Mr. Laserqei Laserqei Kitlaser.htmlKitlaser New York +8615676821340 - Вход на Steelads - США.htmlСША 13 Дек 2017
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    Kitlaser is a professional sales and wholesale laser pen store, there are many types laser pens, the best laser pen offer for you, these included red, green, blue, purple, yellow, all sorts of color laser pointer, also contains a variety of power of laser pointers, included high power, medium power, low power ; medium and high-end laser pointer; product variety is complete.

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    Guangdong, Guangzhou

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    1 Китай Beijing Eastern Asia 9,572,900 кв. км 1,277,558,000 людей
    2 США Washington North America 9,363,520 кв. км 278,357,000 людей
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