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    Wuhan Iron & Steel Group (Wisco)

  • Краткое описание: Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corp. (WISCO) was founded in 1958 in Qingshan, Wuhan, Hubei, China. Main steel products are hot rolled coils/sheets, hot rolled section steel, hot rolled heavy-duty rails, medium plates, cold rolled coils/sheets, galvanized sheets, tinned sheets, cold rolled oriented and non-oriented silicon sheets, high speed rolled wires and etc.
  • Компании лого: Wuhan Iron & Steel Group (Wisco)
  • Местное название компании: 武汉钢铁
  • Страна: Китай.htmlКитай
  • Штат/Регион: Хубэй
  • Город: Wuhan
  • Почтовый код: 430083
  • Улица: Changqian Qingshan District
  • Телефон: +86-27-868-92-907
  • Вебсайт компании: http://www.wisco.com.cn
  • Год регистрации компании: 1958 Year
  • Число работников в компании: Above 5,000 People
  • Размер ежегодных продаж: Above US$500 Million
  • Произвел нерафинированной стали в 2010 году: 16,600,000 MT
  • Произвел нерафинированной стали за 2009 год: 27,700,000 MT
  • Процент экспорта: 21% - 30%
  • Тип бизнеса: Trading Company
  • Сертификация компании: ISO 9001:2000
  • Дата публикации: 13 Май 2010
  • Местоположение компании:
  • Компании видео (YouTube):
  • Описание компании:

    Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation (hereinafter referred to as WISCO), commenced its construction from 1955, and put into production on Sep 13, 1958, is the first giant iron and steel complex established after the founding of the People's Republic of China and one of the backbone enterprises under the leadership of the Central Government and the State Council. After its integration and reformation with Echeng Iron & Steel Company, and Liuzhou Iron & Steel Company, the group corporation has have an annual production capacity of 20 million tons, ranking the third of the same in China, and the sixteenth of the same all over the world. Located in the eastern suburb of Wuhan, Hubei known as "Thoroughfare to Nine Provinces", WISCO sits on the south bank of Changjiang River, covering an area of 21.17 square kilometers. WISCO - the important plate production base in China owns a complete set of processing plants composed of mining, coking, sintering, iron making, steel making, rolling, and the associated utilities. It has made an important contribution to China's national economy and modernization during some 50-year construction and development. By the end of 2006, WISCO has produced 177 million tons of steel with an accumulated profit and tax of 85.4 billion RMB, among which, 59.892 billion RMB handed over to the state, which is9.3 times of 6.42 billion RMB invested to WISCO by the state.

          Main steel products are hot rolled coils/sheets, hot rolled section steel, hot rolled heavy-duty rails, medium plates, cold rolled coils/sheets, galvanized sheets, tinned sheets, cold rolled oriented and non-oriented silicon sheets, color coated sheets, high speed rolled wires and etc. which is in total several hundreds of varieties, among which, cold rolled silicon sheets, automobile sheets, bridge steel, pipeline plates, pressure vessel steel, container steel, wire for tyre cords, high performance construction steel and so on known as "High Quality and High Value-added Products" and brand-name products enjoy widely fame at home and abroad market. Besides, it also produces by-products such as coke, refractory material, chemical products, ferroalloy, mechanical and electrical equipment, powder metallurgical products, copper-sulfur- cobalt concentrated ores, granulated slag, oxygen and rare gases, etc. WISCO has listed main steel business as a whole in stock market successfully, realized integration and reformation with Echeng Iron & Steel Company and Liuzhou Iron & Steel Company one after another, separated the function of enterprise from that of community, and actively implementing reformation of auxiliary business. The register capital of WISCO is 4.74 billion RMB, and the total estimated capital of 2005 is 72.2 billion RMB (incl. Echeng Iron & Steel Company, but excl. Liuzhou Iron & Steel Company). WISCO staffed approximately 83,735 employees in its headquarters, among which, 18,900 are involved in main steel business. The group corporation now has 20 wholly-owned affiliated companies, 7 share-holding companies, 4 branch companies, 2 factories directly under WISCO's leadership, 2 collectively-owned enterprises, 1 listed share holding company, i.e. Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Corporation, limited, 12 wholly-owned companies entrusted to a second level companies for the management, and 11 share-holding companies. In recent years, WISCO has been awarded many national prizes and titles successively, such as technical innovation, quality control, quality - profitable enterprise, advanced customers' satisfactory unit, outstanding contribution prize in enterprise management, and advanced civilization construction unit.

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        1 Китай Beijing Eastern Asia 9,572,900 кв. км 1,277,558,000 людей
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