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    Baoji First Titanium Industry (Group)Co. Ltd

  • Краткое описание: FIRSTTI Main products:
    *Titanium bars CP and Alloy acc AMS 4928 ASTM B348 ASTM F67 F136, DIA:6.0mm to 400mm
    *Titanium forgings rings discs blocks acc AMS4928 ASTM B381 F136 F67.
    *Titanium ingots and titanium powder.
    Advanced equipments:
    *3T Self-consumable Vacuum ARC Furnace improve titanium ingots high yield and keep stable chemical components.
    2000T and 3150T Oil-Hydraulic Presses change the products structures from inner and improve the mechanical property of products.
  • Компании лого: Baoji First Titanium Industry (Group)Co…
  • Местное название компании: 宝鸡富士特钛业(集团)有限公司
  • Страна: Китай.htmlКитай
  • Штат/Регион: Шэньси
  • Город: Baoji
  • Почтовый код: 721013
  • Улица: No.218 Hi-Tech Road
  • Телефон: +86-917-3908999
  • Skype: lydia-titanium
  • Компании e-mail:
  • Вебсайт компании: http://www.firstti.com
  • Год регистрации компании: 2007 Year
  • Регистрационный номер компании: 5000
  • Число работников в компании: 201 - 300 People
  • Местоположение компании:
  • Описание компании:

    Baoji First Titanium Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. was founded in 2006, which is a High-Tech Enterprise certified by state. FIRST is situated in No. 218 Hi-tech road of Baoji City with an area of 45000㎡and possesses register capital of 60 million RMB. We are mainly engaged in smelting, forging and machining manufacturing line in titanium & titanium alloy producing with an investment of 300 million RMB. The factory could produce 2000T ingots, 23000T forgings and 5000T mechanical processing products annually. Our main products including titanium ingots, bars, blocks, tubes, plates, wires, standard parts, heat exchanger, reactor, anode, No-standard equipments and other rare metal products such as: Tungsten, Molybdenum, Tantalum, Columbium, Zirconium, Hafnium etc.

    The company is well equipped with Hi-tech equipments and a huge contingent of technicians with an integrated and systematic rare metal researching & producing system from new products' design, research to smelting, forging, rolling, machine work, products matte finishing, physics & chemistry analysis, nondestructive examination, metrological control area etc. We have developed a hi-tech equipment of 3T self-consumable vacuum ARC furnace which fills the gap in China Private Titanium Processing Enterprises. It absorbs Siemens Computer Controlling System in Germany, high precision electronic weighting system, long-distance camera observation system and the memory & print system of important parameters which can produce titanium ingots with high yield, stable chemical components and segregation-free.

    2000T oil-hydraulic press is produced both by FIRST corp. and Hi-tech titanium equipment manufacturer. It is the first advanced equipment in domestic titanium industry area. The device self-weight is more than 300 tons, and the forging frequency is 1 time/s. It has the competence to finish a 10-ton weight titanium ingot forging once, which changes the history in of forging billet forged by gorging hammer in Chinese private enterprise, which changes the products structures and improves the physical property of products.

    3500T Free Oil-Hydraulic Press is an industry-leading level of advanced equipment which is co-designed by FIRST and research institutes according to the technology accumulation of 2000T Forging Press. It uses special multi-unloading valve that can eliminate the decompress impaction at the great flow rate. And it also provides the technical guarantee to finish a 15 tons titanium ingot forging once, achieved a breakthrough with the operation of hydraulic press machine interaction work.

    Our company has already passed and been implementing ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification. Due to the excellent and reliable production equipments and physics & chemistry analysis equipments with the advanced technologies, we could produce quality assured products which completely meets various standards such as: GB/T, GJB, HB, ISO, AMS, ASTM, MIL and applied in space industry, aviation, navigation, military industry, medical service and chemical industry etc. The titanium products of FIRST corp. have been mainly exported to America, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and other developed countries and the annual output value is more than 600 million RMB.

  • Baoji first titanium industry (group)co. ltd - Работники

    Полное Имя Компания Проверенный Производитель Должность Телефон E-mail адрес Страна Дата Регистрации на Steelads.com
    1 Miss Lydia Liu Baoji_First_Titanium_Industry_GroupCo_Ltd.htmlBaoji First Titanium Industry (Group)Co. Ltd Manager +86-13008478315 - Вход на Steelads - Китай.htmlКитай 18 Июн 2012
    О Вас:
    Baoji First Titanium Industry (Group) Co., LTD is specilized in titanium and titanium alloy products. Our core products are titanium ingots, titanium bars, titanium rods, titanium forgings, titanium rings, titanium discs, titanium blocks, titanium fasteners, titanium plates. ACC ASTM B348 ASTM B381 ASTM F67 F136 AMS4928 ASTM B265

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    Beijing, Beijing

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