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    Advanced Metals & Alloys Recovery Limited

  • Краткое описание: AMA Group a leading multi-asset group known for its Global Investments, Commodity Trading and joint Ventures.
  • Местное название компании: AMA Recovery Pvt Ltd
  • Страна: Гонконг_Китай.htmlГонконг (Китай)
  • Штат/Регион: Hong Kong Island
  • Город: Hong Kong
  • Почтовый код: 00852
  • Улица: Hennessy Road
  • Телефон: +85265454455
  • Компании e-mail:
  • Вебсайт компании: http://www.amagroups.com
  • Местоположение компании:
  • Описание компании:

    AMA group Owns scrap yards in USA and New Zealand. Primarily Dealing in Ferrous and Non Ferrous Metal Scrap, Plastic Scrap, from its division's & Liaison Branches. Hong Kong is a Commodity Brokering House dealing with Brokers and associates around the globe, We Co-Exist together as a Global Partners with Experience, Local Knowledge, Teamwork of the best and brightest men and women in the industry.

    All our supplied material is either personally viewed & in our typical supply process we hire 3rd party inspection agencies for all kinds of verification's to know better of all the unknown's.
    Together with our collaborated yards in different countries, Committed People with expertise in the market, Can be understood as a Channel between the Local or Small "Scrap Dealers" and the "Organized Recyclers" Experienced in world of International trade.
    Our customers include Recycled Granule Manufacturer, Electric arc furnace mills, Integrated Steel Mills, Foundries, and Metals & Plastic Brokers and we have always insisted and interested in developing long term business relation with our existing clients & for new partners, end users and importers for both containers or in Bulk shipments.

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    1 Mr. Felix Jay Pears Advanced_Metals_Alloys_Recovery_Limited.htmlAdvanced Metals & Alloys Recovery Limited Sales Manager +852 63564455 - Вход на Steelads - Гонконг_Китай.htmlГонконг (Китай) 07 Май 2013
    О Вас:
    Someone once said "Thousands of geniuses live and die undiscovered either by themselves or by others"
    As an accomplished Individual with over 10years of experience in Metal Scrap & recycling supplies, I am well positioned at AMA making a positive impression in company, our vendors and with clients.

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    Central District

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