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    Conesrvex Energy Solutions Private Limited

  • Краткое описание: Our products could work as huge cost cutting measure for your organization and lead to Greener and healthier environment. Our complete product details and its working principal links are available in the attached profile document.

    This product ("Energy Conservators") has proven track record of successfully fuel saving for Gas & Diesel fired furnaces, burner, Ovens, Generators , machinery etc. . It is sold across Asia, Europe, US and Middle East since last 10 years .
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    Обновлено: 02 Янв 2014
  • Страна: Индия.htmlИндия
  • Штат/Регион: Уттар-Прадеш
  • Город: Ghaziabad
  • Почтовый код: 201013
  • Улица: C-136, Govind Puram , Hapur Road , Ghaziabad
  • Телефон: +919971500067
  • Компании e-mail:
  • Вебсайт компании: http://www.conservexenergy.com
  • Год регистрации компании: 2010 Year
  • Регистрационный номер компании: U74900DL2011PTC223472
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    Conservex Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading energy conservation consultancies with a business unit dedicated for helping others to become more energy efficient. We are also solution providers in planning & delivery of clean energy projects. We evaluate, design & install projects that dramatically save energy at client facilities, reduce operations & maintenance costs and improve establishment’s net value. We actively assist clients in managing their energy consumption thus reducing their operational costs & carbon footprint to limit the environmental impact.
    We work with our customers to improve energy efficiency and find ways to use renewable power to provide significant energy and cost savings each year. The money saved generally covers the cost of the improvements within a relatively short time, thereby providing on-going financial benefits for the customer and improved health for the environment.

    Our customers include commercial Food & Beverages Industrial plants, large scale sweet manufacturers, Restaurants , Hotels , Resorts , Educational Institution & commercial establishment canteens, food courts , Hospitals , federal, state and local government and private Offices . Our customer also includes metal forging, glass blowing, Drug & chemicals manufacturing, crockery and building material manufacturing units.

    Brief Product Description - (Fuel Conservators (All types of Gaseous & Liquid Fuels)
    Our Conservator devices are fitted exactly before each combustion chamber of a combustion engine, to increase the thermal efficiency of the fuel molecules. This results into  complete combustion with minimum CO emissions and fuel saving. These products are available in 25 different bore sizes applicable for different types of applications.

    Product Features
    Stainless Steel - 304 & Brass 319 heavy metallic design.
    Made from U.S. based technology, used by NASA in their space shuttles.
    C.E. Safety Compliant product manufactured by an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.
    NSIC & Taiwan Gas Laboratories certification for thermal efficiency improvement.
    Design patented achieved from Government of India.
    Palestinian Government Certified for Safety Compliance.
    Saves at up to 10-25% of LPG/CNG/Natural Gas/Diesel Consumption.
    50 % Reduction in hydrocarbons & Carbon monoxide emissions.
    Zero Maintenance & Quick & Easy Installation.
    Fits with any types of furnaces, Burners, Ovens & Automobiles.
    2 Year Warranty.

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    1 Mr. Shireesh Agrawal Conesrvex_Energy_Solutions_Private_Limited.htmlConesrvex Energy Solutions Private Limited Director Operations & Marketing +919971500067 - Вход на Steelads - Индия.htmlИндия 02 Янв 2014
    О Вас:
    We are manufacturer and solution provider for Fuel Saver Conservator devices for Melting Furnaces & Burners . Save upto 10-25% Of LPG / PNG /Diesel . This product ("Energy Conservators") has proven track record of successfully fuel saving for Gas & Diesel fired furnaces, burner, Ovens, Generators , machinery etc. . It is sold across Asia, Europe, US and Middle East since last 10 years .

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    Sharjah, Sharjah

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