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    Mr. Zhang Jianso

  • О Вас: Hebei Clavos Common Nails Manufacturing Exports Co., Ltd. is the largest manufacturer of common steel nails in China.
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        1 Hebei Clavos Common Nails Manufacturing Exports Co. Ltd
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        1 Common Nails - FOB China Оther Iron Китай.htmlКитай FOB China - Фотография продукта Hebei_Clavos_Common_Nails_Manufacturing_Exports_Co_Ltd.htmlHebei Clavos Common Nails Manufacturing Exports Co. Ltd
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        Surface treatment: polished or electro galvanized

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        23 Окт 2018

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        1 Ring Shank Nails Продажа Ring Shank Nails - Фото Mr_Zhang_Jianso.htmlMr. Zhang Jianso 23 Окт 2018, 02:28

        Steel Wire Collated Screw Shank Nails make ideal fasteners for crating, pallet siding, and permanent construction. Ring shank or screw shank nails are also called twisted nails, threaded or deformed shank nails. The ridges or grooves along the shank increase the part that the nails penetrate into the wood. This twisted shank design enables a much better holding power of these nails than smooth shank nails, because the rings act as wedges to keep the nail firmly in place so that it cannot pop out. Collated coils forms of the nails allow the operator to hold more nails in the gun and reduce reload time. The nails come in all forms of vinyl coated and galvanized finish, as well as deformed shanks with varying holding power such as smooth, screw and ring.

        Clavos can supply a wide range of wire coil thread rolling nails, ranges from .083'' to .131'' wire diameter with lengths from 1-1/4'' to 3-1/2''. The design of a ring shank nail looks a lot like that of a screw, except that the head is flat. The pattern of ridges along the shank of the nail can vary. Clavos can supply very shallow rings, large rings, spiral grooves.

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        2 Polished Flat Round Head Common Nails Продажа Polished Flat Round Head Common Nails… Mr_Zhang_Jianso.htmlMr. Zhang Jianso 23 Окт 2018, 02:23

        Flat head round nails supplied with nail length ranging from 1" to 6" made from 45# steel, low carbon steel or stainless steel materials. The nails have surface treatments of either Electric galvanized, Hot dipped galvanized or black coating. Clavos common nails products are exported to Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, the United States, France, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Russia.

        Flat Round Cap Common Nails:

        Point: Diamond
        Shank: Smooth shank or groove twist shanks
        Head: Flat round
        Packing: 200g/bag and then 50bags carton.

        Bright Polished Round Common Nails For Constrution

        Material: Q195 Q235
        Head Diameter:3.0mm-15mm
        Shank Diameter:1.4mm-8.0mm
        Size:1/2"-6" (3/4'' x17BWG,18BWG, 1'' X 15BWG ,16BWG,1-1/2'' X 14BWG,13BWG, 2''X 12BWG ,11BWG, 2 -1/2'' X 11BWG, 3'' X 10BWG, 4'' X 7BWG, 8BWG, 5'' X 7BWG,6BWG 6'' X 6BWG ,5 BWG 7'' X 5 BWG 8'' X 5 BWG).
        Diameter: BWG6-20.
        Usage: Industry, construction, furniture-repairing, building, packing of wooden case and so on.

        Popular Types:
        Polished flat round head common nails
        15 degree screw shank polished common wire nail 2.5x64/2-1/2"x.099
        Polished Round Common Wire Nails
        Lost head or Brad nails polished size:3/4",1",1.5",2",2.5",3"
        3"xBWG10 polished common nails with loose package.

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        3 Industrial Fence Staples Air Gun Zinc Coated Steel Nails Продажа Industrial Fence Staples Air Gun Zinc Coated… Mr_Zhang_Jianso.htmlMr. Zhang Jianso 23 Окт 2018, 02:25

        Fence staples U-nails have the body of a nail bent into the shape of a "U" and pointed on both ends. Diamond point, smooth shank, designed for attaching woven wire fencing, welded mesh fence or barbed wire to timber fence posts. U common nails are also used for buiding construction, packing and furnitures. Varieties include Fence Staples, Poultry Netting Staples and Hoop Staples.

        Industrial Fence Staples Air Gun Zinc Coated Steel Nails
        The U nails serve to attach deer fence, both polypropylene and metal hexagrid to trees and wood posts. Two types available. The larger 2-inch ones are preferred for most purposes. The smaller 1.25-inch ones are good for use on thin-barked trees like maples, and also for attaching deer fence to wood posts, houses, or existing wooden fences.
        Material: galvanized wire, copperized wire, stainless steel
        Color: Sliver, Black, Yellow, Green , etc.

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        4 Drywall Plastic Strip Collated Screws Продажа Drywall Plastic Strip Collated Screws… Mr_Zhang_Jianso.htmlMr. Zhang Jianso 23 Окт 2018, 02:01

        The screw nails find applications in the automobile industry, the building construction and decoration field, the bicycles parts, the wooden furniture, the electrical components and households fastening uses.

        Clavos supplies self-tapping screws, self-drilling, drywall screws, common nails and roofing nails. Popular drywall screws are collated nails with plastic strip for continuous drywall screwing uses. The collated drywall nails are supplied in a variety of wire materials: electro galvanized carbons teel, brass, stainless steel, spring steel and alloy steel to meet specific requirements of working conditions. Popular Types include: Half thread drywall screw, galvanized bright finish screws, black and grew phosphating screws, coarse thread drywall screw and bulge head philips drive screws.

        The nails are finished with corrosion resistance treatment of zinc plating, hot dipped galvanized, Cr Cu or Ni plating for the steel materials. Head types include common round, bulge philips heads. The threads can be fine and coarse to meet conditions.

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        5 Common Steel Construction Nails Продажа Common Steel Construction Nails - Фото Mr_Zhang_Jianso.htmlMr. Zhang Jianso 23 Окт 2018, 02:19

        Common Nails and fastening spikes are popularly used for scaffold and other wooden and concrete structure fastening and securing. Also used for ships and various cases. Clavos supplies steel common nails with a variety of nail length, shanks and head types to meet specific fastening and finishing jobs. Major types include duplex, hardened steel and common round steel.

        Steel nails for construction fastening are classified by lengths of 1 inch to 6 inches. Steel nails with a length of over 6 inch are also called fastening spikes.

        Material:45# steel wire
        Color: White, bright, black
        Surface finished: Galvanized steel, polished, black steel
        Length: 1-6 inches
        Shank diameter: 1.8mm-8mm
        Head diameter: 2mm-10mm
        Shank types applied for cement nails are: Smooth, twisted, grooved shank
        Head: Flat head, round head

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