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    Mr. Zhan Tianqiang

  • О Вас: Our factory is located in the beautiful Anping, Hebei Province. It is close to Beijing City and Tianjin Port. The unique geographical position has given the company vitality. In the past ten years, the company has continuously expanded its scale, actively explored the market, strived to develop new products, improved product quality, and improved after-sales service. Now the wholesales network of products has developed all over the world and is far ahead in the same industry.
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        1 Meetal Industrial Wires & Hangers Co
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        1 Powder Coated Wire Cloth Hangers Продажа Mr_Zhan_Tianqiang.htmlMr. Zhan Tianqiang 17 Июн 2019, 04:27

        We export quality powder coated wires and wire hangers to USA, Canada, UK, Turkey and Middle-east.

        Colors: Pink, blue, white, gold, silvery or any plastic color

        Technical Info:
        · Flat space-saving body
        · Color painted or coated finish
        · Preserve the shape of any suit for a long time
        · Durable, strong bearing capacity

        Application: For display, clothes storage, drying clothes, used in laundry shops, marketplace/department store, hotel, household, clothing store.

        Vinyl Coated Drip Dry Hanger

        Surface: Vinyl dipped coating
        Use for air drying clothing
        Strong plastic coated wire
        Colors: All colors

        14.5 gauge steel wire painted white
        White Color Powder Painted Wire Hangers

        16 inch colour strut hanger
        Polymer Powder Coated Hanger, 16 inch hanger

        Material: 2,4 mm polymer coated wire
        Powder colour: gold, white, blue, silver, galvanized, etc
        Packing: 250pcs/ctn or 500pcs/ctn

        16" powdered coated wire hanger
        16" PE Powdered Coated Wire Hanger
        Laundry metal hangers
        Material: 1.9mm powdered coated steel wire

        Supply to Jordan for laundry shops

        Jordan Saudi Arab

        40cm Laundry Hangers for Nigeria company dealing in laundry materials

        Material: Powder coated wires for manufacturing

        Detail: 16"
        Wire diameter: 1.8mm, Finished diameter after coating: 2.9-3.00mm.
        Hanger length size : 40cm.

        2.2mm size of Caped Wire Hangers for Shirts

        Laundry hangers

        Material: Wire diameter 2.2mm powdered coated wire

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        2 Plastic Coated Wire Hangers Продажа Mr_Zhan_Tianqiang.htmlMr. Zhan Tianqiang 17 Июн 2019, 04:25

        Our  Plastic Coated Wire Hangers Products include:  

        Plastic Coated Wire Hanger in 42cm Length

        Export for Macau

        Metal Hangers, White, Blue, Standard Adult Size

        Anti-slip Dry cleaning wire cloth hangers
        Galvanised Steel Wire Hangers with Plastic Powder Coated finish in Black

        Black wire coat hanger, jacket hanger & clip hanger
        Design: Anti-slip hangers with notches
        13 gauge wire hangers
        Material: Black Coating 16inch Metal Wire
        Neck length of hanger suitable for use by dry cleaning companies
        Thickness: between 50mm & 100mm

        Laundry Hanger of PVC Coated Wires

        Plastic coated wire hanger 16 inch

        16 inch pvc powder coated wire hanger of wire 1.9mm
        16 inch pvc powder coated wire hanger of wire 2.2mm

        Black Wire Hanger for Shirts

        Wire Hanger for Shirts (16', 10.5 or 12 gauge, black)

        Export to US
        Black 14.5 Gauge wire hanger
        Black 16 inch 10.5 gauge hanger
        12 gauge black wire hanger

        14.5 gauge steel wire painted white
        Light-weight Wire Hangers for T-shirt Collection

        18 inches long white metal hangers
        Mateial: Coated steel
        14.5 gauge in both 18 and 16 sizes
        Packing: 500 pieces per case

        Non slip pvc coated suit hanger
        Pvc coated wire suit hanger with notches

        Material: metals and plastics
        Color: Purple, blue, red
        surface treatment: pvc / plastic coated, anti-rust.

        16 inch Plastic Coated Wire Hanger
        Size: 2.5mmX3.5mm thickness x16

        Wire Coated Hangers for Skirt in Black or Gold

        Export for Japan
        Surface: Steel wire color coated
        Length: 40 cm 
        Height: 20 cm
        Shirt hanger in 250/carton

        16 inch Pvc Coated Hanger with pvc cap
        Export for Malaysia

        Detail: 16 inch
        Wire diameter: 1.8mm
        Finish diameter with pvc coating: 2.9-3.00mm
        Length size : 40cm

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        3 Painted Metal Hanger Продажа Mr_Zhan_Tianqiang.htmlMr. Zhan Tianqiang 17 Июн 2019, 04:13

        Metal hangers are mainly used for: men and women suits, trousers, jackets, T-shirts, sweaters, casual clothes hangers and hotel hangers and so on. The main feature of metal hangers is they can be bended without deformation.

        Metal hangers are produced in a range of materials including stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum and other alloys.

        Wire Aluminum Hanger

        Size No. 42*20.5cm
        Thickness 3.2mm
        Material Metal, PVC
        Painted & color chrome-plating or any color.
        Chroming Plated Galvanized Wire Hanger

        Material: galvanized wire.
        Length: 42cm
        Height: 22.5cm
        Hook Dia:3.0cm

        Color: Silver/gold
        Surface Treatment: Chroming
        Size Election:380/400/420mm

        NONSLIP design: With notches on shoulders, the hanger is perfect for hanging shoulder straps.

        Painted Metal Hanger

        17" Metal Hook Wire Copper Hangers with Clips:
        Clothes Storage Coat Hangers
        Shiny Copper Gold painted
        Stainless Steel Hangers with Clothes pins

        Clothes Hangers with Clothes pins:
        Wire hanger, chrome plated finish.

        Size: Diameter of wire:4.0mm, L:440mm; H:200mm

        Color Finish: Chrome finish

        Other Details:
        Wire Hanger Body: Flat
        Hanger Shape: Triangular
        Ends : Rounded
        Neck : None

        Other sizes: Diameter 4.0mm 40cm 42cm 45cm

        For: garment, dress, jean, etc.

        *Smooth surface
        *High temperature resistance
        *High quality
        *Competitive price
        *Our products are the best choice for laundry

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        4 Laundry Hangers Продажа Mr_Zhan_Tianqiang.htmlMr. Zhan Tianqiang 17 Июн 2019, 04:29

        Most hangers either chrome painted, galvanized or pvc coated, can be used in laundry industries for drying cleaning of shirts, dress, clothes, pants and other garments.

        Chrome plating hangers
        Heavy Duty Laundry Hanger with Notched Shoulders

        Material: Galvanized steel wire
        Size: Diameter of wire:3.8mm, L:435mm; H:195mm
        Finish: Chrome finish
        Color: Silver
        Other Details: Wire hanger, chrome plated finish, for display uses. With notches on shoulders.
        Desgin: Notches in wire hanger shoulders.

        Strut Hangers for Laundry Drying

        Designed with paper tube.

        14.5 gauge steel wire painted white
        Laundry Disposable Drying Hanger

        Powder coated hanger used for hanging laundry clothes

        Non Slip Heavy Duty Dry Cleaner Coat Hangers for Laundry Shops
        Heavy Duty Coat Hanging Hangers

        Other Products We Supply for Laundry Uses:

        Drying Racks;
        Display hanger grid and grid wall panels;
        Shoulder guards, trouser guards;
        Cloth pins.

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        5 Hanger Pins Продажа Mr_Zhan_Tianqiang.htmlMr. Zhan Tianqiang 17 Июн 2019, 04:28

        We offer two types of wire pins: one for clothes hanger, the other for air conditioner installation.

        Clothes pins: Strong Stainless Steel Hangers with Clothes Pins

        Multi-purpose stainless steel wire clothes pins
        Also pins utility clips, hooks for home and office.

        Size: length 6.5cm 2mm thick

        Hanger Pins for HVAC Industry

        Material: Soft GI wire nails for the production of Self Adhesive hanger pins
        Application: Used in the HVAC industry.

        Export to Dubai , UAE

        Specification :
        Diameter - 2.7 mm
        Length ; 19 mm, 25mm, 32mm,40 mm 51mm, 63mm,76mm,89mm and 114 mm
        Finish : smooth galvanized
        Strength -350 newton/m2
        Packing 50 lbs corrugated boxes
        For Air Conditioning Industries

        Technical Data Sheet:

        Length: Till 42mm: +/-0.5mm;
        From 43 to 104mm: +/-1mm;
        From 105mm to 140mm: +/-1.5mm

        Finish: Milling finish
        Material: Steel annealing, white galvanising

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        6 Galvanized Wire Hanger Продажа Mr_Zhan_Tianqiang.htmlMr. Zhan Tianqiang 17 Июн 2019, 04:11

        Galvanized steel wire hanger mainly used for laundry, hotel and industry laundry etc.,   wire hangers are made of hard galvanized steel wire. There are suit, notched, shirt, skirt, coat, strut hangers etc. and trouser guards, shoulder guards etc. paper material products used for laundry.

        Galv. Metal Hanger Length: 16/ 18 /20 inch

        Material: Gal. iron wire
        Thickness: 1.7mm-2.4mm
        Specification: 10.5G 11G 11.5G 12G 12.5G 13G 14G 14.5G
        Packing: 250pcs/cartin.  500 pcs/carton 
        Application: Shirt hanger, strut hangers, caped hangers, suit hangers, skirt hangers, drapery hangers

        Galvanized steel wire hanger include below:

        Hanger 12 inch x 12ga

        Material: Hanger wire E. G (electric galvanizing)

        Weight: 50lbs/ 880 pcs
        For Houston USA
        Application: Laundry dry cleaning gof shirt / coat hanger

        Heavy Hanger 7.6 inch x 16 inch

        Material: Wire diameter 4mm
        For Malaysia.

        Application: Laundry hanger

        Sample picture below:

        Wire Hanger 16", 13 gage

        Metal wire hanger with length 16 inch and thickness 13 Gauge
        Design: Notched Hangers
        Color: Silver color painting

        Material: Galvanized metal wire

        For KSA
        Application: Clothes Hangers
        Packing: 500 PCS in One Cartoon.

        Clothes Hanger Hot Dipped Wire Galvanized

        Material: Hot Dipped GI Wire
        Size: Dimater 1.6 mm - 2.4mm
        Design: Notched shoulder hanger
        Surface: Heavy galv. with excellent alkali and acid resistance

        For Middle-east countires

        Application: Clothes hanger

        Steel Wire Hanger Galvanized 2.2 mm

        Wire hanger body: Flat
        Hanger shape: Triangular
        Ends: Rounded
        Neck height: 10.5 cm
        Height: 10cm
        Hook: 3cm
        Width: 16 inch
        For Bahrain

        Light Type Galvanized Painted Hanger

        42 cm x 21 cm
        Size: 42 cm length x 21 cm height
        Wire Dia.: 3.5mm
        Weight: 70g
        For UK and other European countries
        Application: Shirt hanger

        Anti Rust Gold and Rose Red Color
        Galvanized Painting Hanger Inch 16, Gauge 13

        Color: Gold, rose red, silver, rose gold, etc
        Surface: Galvanized painting
        Size:21cm x 42cm or custom size
        Wire gauge 13 or custom
        For Oman
        Application: Suit, Shirts, Jacket, Coat, Vest, Pants.
        Design: Durable non slippery design, with light weight and good anti-rust property


        Accessories such as hooks, garment covers, shoulder guards, cloths pins, trouser guards.

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