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  • Port Name

    Nemrut Bay Port

  • Description: Nemrut bay is located on the Eastern Aegean, piers and facilities at Nemrut Bay are owned by industrial companies located in this area. A number of these ports and jetties were built to serve specific purposes,

    Location 38º 46' N 026º 55' E

    Nemrut Port Limits: Nemrut bay is situated on the south side of the port of Aliaga. It is the area between the mainland and a straight line drawn true north from Kizilburun which is situated in position Lat.38º 45' 00 N Long.026º 53 50' E.

    The bay is divided into two areas, the inner port and outer port.
    Inner port; is the area remaining between the imaginary line connecting the south end of the Petkim Petrochemical Complex's breakwater with Karacadogan Peninsula situated in position Lat.38 46 10 N long. 026 54 22 E.
    Outer port; is the area between interior port and Nemrut bay boundaries.

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